Artist Statement

My artwork explores the diversity and multiplicity of Black American hair. I use found materials and recycled synthetic hair to emulate texture and various hairstyles found in Black American hair culture. According to celebrities, media, and business professionals, natural curly hair is ‘wrong’, while straight hair is ‘good’. Having these recollections and personal experiences have left me compelled to explore the racialized notion of beauty from a black feminist point of view. I make work that is multivalent with a focus on pop art aesthetic, allowing it to be shared with both the oppressors and the oppressed.

My gender and ethnicity force me to live a very different life and making art about it forces the world to be in my place even if just for a moment. Making ambiguously poetic and relational art through portraiture, installation, and textiles permits me to speak about racial issues that are being masked, blended, and desensitized in society.

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